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Digital currency, Gold mining, Real Estate, oil and gas Investments are our expertise, We Make The World A Better Place With Good ROI.

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Thinking of Building is an investment company based in the United Kingdom with a clear focus on emerging markets across select sectors that focus on developing and investing in Energy resources and Stock market sectors which are viewed as the sectors of growth over the coming eras as the global population continues to increase rapidly.

The mission of the is to setup, promote and implement high quality standards for financial freedom. Bringing together experienced traders and good management, By joining us you will recieve an excellent service and stable earning. Joining our Platform is the first step to financial freedom and decentralized world.

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Our Mission

Our aim is to empower different useful technology to create different financial products for our community. Our business is risk-free from investment perspective, not only due to the use of advanced trading technologies and a powerful expert team, but also due to investment areas diversification.

Core Value

We are an investment platform that provide services that is accessible to everyone. We have a long term goal in both financial stocks and cryptocurrency development.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to make every individual who joins our platform experience extra ordinary financial freedom. Bitcoin has been the most stable and popular cryptocurrency, shows astonishing course growth, making many people look for opportunities to earn money on trading transactions associated with the purchase and sale of digital money.

Our Pricing

We have a user-friendly investment plans



  • Minimum: $50
  • Maximum: $299
  • Withdrawal: Instant
  • ROI:5%
  • Duration: 15 hours
  • Withdrawal: Instant



  • Minimum: $1,000
  • Maximum: $4,999
  • Withdrawal: Instant
  • ROI: 25%
  • Duration: 24 hours
  • Withdrawal: Instant



  • Minimum: $5,000
  • Maximum: $9,999
  • Withdrawal: Instant
  • ROI: 45%
  • Duration: 48 hours
  • Withdrawal: Instant



  • Minimum: $10,000
  • Maximum: Unlimited
  • Withdrawal: Instant
  • ROI: 100%
  • Duration: 72 hours
  • Withdrawal: Instant


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Liquidity Provider

We provide major liquidity to our affiliates, most especially Mortage companies. Profits made from the services are being dispatched to our investors according to their packages and interest rates.

24/7 Support

We provide 24/7 customer support through E-mail, WhatsApp and Live support. Our support representatives are periodically available to elucidate any difficulty.


We have no limit, Technically we are advancing, making mechanics that aid human capabilities. We are non stop revolutionary.

Financial Guidelines

We render reliable guidelines to growth and wealth management, The first step to financial freedom is with us.

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Referral Program

We are offering a certain level of referral income through our referral program. you can increase your income by simply refer a few people.

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